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Info in Style Formatting Services


Info in Style Formatting Services is a Canadian company born from a love of design, structure, and helping researchers spread the word about their work.

Who I am:

  • A knowledge mobilizer with several years of professional experience helping researchers make their work more accessible to their target audiences (a.k.a. knowledge mobilization, knowledge translation, knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange, etc.);

  • A former grad student who made it through her first year of doctoral studies when she realized she loved supporting research more than conducting it;

  • An experienced document designer who loves to play around with ideas while continuously researching the newest trends and proven methods in design, presentation, and related fields;

  • A grammar-fanatic who does not do copy-editing but may make some friendly suggestions where an error may exist; 

  • An organizer and perfectionist who loves clean lines (yet blurring those a little when design calls for it) and ensuring citation guidelines are followed; and (last, but certainly not least)

  • A champion and supporter of good research – I thrive on making research more evident, beautiful, and obtainable. 

My passion is helping researchers mobilize their knowledge through good design and structure (and a little social media support!). Sometimes that means redoing an old report so that it’s easier to understand and more visually engaging. Other times it’s helping to craft an amazing presentation that captures your audience from start to finish. It may also include coming up with new, fantastic ideas where I can be of assistance like making attractive plain-language summaries, appealing infographics, or products that we can’t even name but that share your knowledge in a captivating way.

My services will help save you both time and frustration, while making you look really, really good. 

I look forward to helping you disseminate your amazing work – contact me to see what we can create together!

(And if you’re not a researcher but want some extra support in these areas, I’m happy to help you too 😊).

Kelly Bairos, M.Ed.

Founder, Info in Style Formatting Services